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Family waiting on benefits narrowly escapes foreclosure

As this blog has reported previously, sometimes the most important check that a New Jersey resident gets when he or she qualifies for federal Social Security Disability benefits is the check covering back benefits due and owing.

Usually, a Newark resident who has a medical condition or other health issue that qualifies him or her for disability will be entitled to some back pay to cover the time between the last day that he or she was able to work and the day that benefits are actually awarded. Given that many applications for disability are initially denied and then appealed, this time gap can span years.

One man from a state that borders New Jersey found out how difficult the wait for back benefits can be. Although a successful electrician that worked on a major landmark in the general vicinity, this man had a major heart attack and could no longer work full time. As his employer was not interested in keeping him on part time, he had to apply for disability.

It took him four years before, in December 2015, an administrative law judge agreed that his heart disease had qualified him for benefits all along. In the meantime, however, he had to continue living and supporting his family. While the Social Security Administration determined that it owed the man $60,000 in back benefits, he did not receive his check for these benefits until a few days ago, right before his home of over 20 years was scheduled to be sold.

In this man's story, it appears to have been the news media's involvement that got the attention of the Social Security Administration and induced them to get the check for back pay forwarded to the disabled man promptly. However, skilled Social Security attorneys in New Jersey can also help residents get the benefits they need as promptly and without undue hassle.

Source: WABC-TV, "Many nearly loses home over Social Security Disability problems," Nina Pineda, April 25, 2016.

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