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Even a "mild" brain injury can be debilitating

Most people in Newark, New Jersey, would probably be able to recognize that a serious brain injury that has left a person mentally impaired or in a coma would probably qualify tor Social Security disability benefits. However, what some people might not realize is that even so-called minor brain injuries can leave a person unable to perform his or her job for a long time or even indefinitely.

Mild brain injuries, also called concussions, are more common than some New Jersey residents might think, and they perhaps tend to be minimized because they are relatively common, especially amongst those who play sports or engage in certain types of work. Moreover, they are relatively easy to misdiagnose or just overlook altogether, as they often do not show up on a CAT scan or via other types of medical tests.

Still, New Jersey residents who suffer concussions may have to deal with balance issues, problems with vision, chronic fatigue and even symptoms like the loss of memory or seizures. A person engaged in a job that requires concentration may find it more difficult to think on one's feet without getting mentally fuzzy.

Many of the symptoms of a mild brain injury can be disabling conditions for a Newark resident. After all, if a person cannot remember instructions, focus on a task or do simple labor while holding one's balance, that person will have a difficult time doing most job functions. Moreover, if these symptoms last as they often do, they can effectively a person out of the work force. In such situations, disability benefits can be very helpful to a struggling victim and his or her family.

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