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April 2016 Archives

For disabled New Jersey residents, communication can be key

In a recent post we reported how a man almost lost his home while waiting for Social Security disability benefits for over four years, all after a heart attack rendered him unable to work.

Family waiting on benefits narrowly escapes foreclosure

As this blog has reported previously, sometimes the most important check that a New Jersey resident gets when he or she qualifies for federal Social Security Disability benefits is the check covering back benefits due and owing.

Visually impaired NJ residents may qualify for SSD benefits

As we discussed in our last post, New Jersey residents who have serious problems with their eyesight may be able to claim disability benefits on account of their visual impairments.

Even a "mild" brain injury can be debilitating

Most people in Newark, New Jersey, would probably be able to recognize that a serious brain injury that has left a person mentally impaired or in a coma would probably qualify tor Social Security disability benefits. However, what some people might not realize is that even so-called minor brain injuries can leave a person unable to perform his or her job for a long time or even indefinitely.

Recent ruling clarifies criteria for evaluating illnesses

A relatively recent ruling by the Social Security Administration has clarified how the administration and its adjudicative staff will decide whether a particular illness will qualify a New Jersey applicant for disability benefits.

Helping sick Newark residents get disability assistance

Getting sick is an inconvenience and frustration for many New Jersey residents; for some, even missing a day or a week of work because of an illness can seriously dampen a person's plans or even their finances. One can perhaps imagine, then, how a resident may feel if he or she gets so sick that he or she cannot return to work for weeks or months, if at all.

Lump sum payments for benefits owed

People who are applying for Social Security disability benefits may be eligible for back pay to cover the time between their unemployment and the commencement of their benefits. How does the Social Security Administration calculate this back pay?

We help injured New Jersey residents who cannot work

A recent post on this blog discussed how the Social Security Administration decides whether an injured New Jersey resident is really too hurt to return to work. Despite the stories of people faking or exaggerating injuries, the reality is that it can be hard for an injured Newark resident, however sincere, to prove his or her injuries to the satisfaction of the Administration.

What sort of actions would constitute Social Security fraud?

One of last week's posts on this blog discussed an investigation in to a Social Security fraud ring that ended in several arrests, many of those arrested being former law enforcement officers that allegedly claimed falsely that they were disabled in an effort to get paid SSD benefits.

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