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Other types of mental conditions that could lead to disability

Several of the last post on this blog have discussed how Social Security disability payments may be available for those who suffer from depression. While depression is a relatively common mental condition that affects lost of people both in New Jersey and nationwide, it is only one type of mental illness disability that can lead to person's being eligible for Social Security disability benefits.

Perhaps the easiest mental condition to document and prove is what the Social Security Administration calls an "organic" mental disorder. In this case, a person actually has experienced brain damage or has some visible dysfunction in the way his or her brain works. Someone who is mentally impaired because of a brain injury would fall in to this category.

Psychotic disorders are another type of mental condition that the Administration recognizes could lead to a person's inability to work. In the worst case scenario, these types of disorders lead to a person's becoming periodically or even chronically delusional. Schizophrenia and multiple personality disorders would be examples of this type of mental condition.

Mood and anxiety disorders are also listed as potentially disabling conditions. Depression has already been discussed on this blog, but these types of disorders also include conditions like bipolar disorder and even serious clinical anxiety. A person who suffers from chronic panic attacks would fall under this category.

Also, while it may seem obvious to some, serious intellectual limitations could also qualify a person for disability if he or she is not able to function fully in society as a result of his or her limitations.

The categories of mental conditions that can lead to an award of disability payments from the Social Security Administration are broad. New Jersey residents who find that they cannot work because of a serious mental illness should consider Social Security disability as a viable option.

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