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Is depression covered under Social Security benefits?

As this blog has previously reported, there can be a lot of misunderstanding when it comes to obtaining disability benefits for mental conditions like depression or other clinical mental illnesses. People do not always manifest their mental illnesses in a physical way, making it appear that they are perfectly healthy and capable of working.

However, no one who is struggling under the weight of depression should feel as if he or she is making a big deal of nothing or just going through a rough patch. Depression is a diagnosable and hopefully treatable illness that can have a profound impact on a person's daily life and ability to work.

While some of the symptoms of depression such as feeling down or worried may seem minor enough, depression can also impede a person's ability to concentrate on his or her work or to make key professional decisions. Moreover, the condition can affect a person's sleep and appetite patterns, making it harder to perform a job. In some cases, a person will develop physical symptoms of depression or be flat out unable to get up for work.

Depression is a real mental illness that can, in more serious cases, qualify as a mental illness disability. Of course, as this blog has mentioned previously, those suffering from depression does have to demonstrate that his or her depression actually prevents him or her from holding a job. The person will have to show medical proof that, even after taking his or her treatment such as psychotherapy or antidepressant medication, he or she still cannot perform the basic functions of his or her job.

Nevertheless, someone who does have depression should not think his or her condition insufficiently serious to consider applying for disability benefits if he or she needs them.

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