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Repetitive stress injury and disability benefits

Many residents of New Jersey may have heard of conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome or repetitive motion disorder. In fact, these conditions are all examples of repetitive stress injuries. While these conditions carry with them serious symptoms, including pain and the sensation of tingling, they can at times be hard for the average New Jersey resident to appreciate simply because they develop slowly over a period of time.

Repetitive stress injuries can affect key body parts such as the hands, back and shoulders. As such, a repetitive stress injury that is severe and extensive enough can leave a New Jersey resident unable to perform his or her chosen vocation and thus have an inability to work and make income for his or her family.

In these sorts of situations, it may behoove a person to consider filing for Social Security disability benefits. Like any other disabling conditions, a repetitive stress injury will be considered by the Social Security Administration in light of how much it limits a person's ability to work. Naturally, the Administration will first look at a person's medical records and history.

In this respect, a person's medical records need to show both the nature and extent of the repetitive stress injury and what bearing the injury has on a person's ability to go back to a job in either his or her chosen vocation or a closely related field. Without these records, it will be hard for a New Jersey resident to prove that his or her repetitive stress injury is really so serious as to warrant disability payments.

However, New Jersey residents should remember that voluminous and detailed medical records are not necessarily enough to convince the Administration or an administrative judge to award benefits. Sometimes, the experience of Social Security attorney may be a valuable asset for a person trying to get on Social Security disability.

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