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Last week's post on this blog discussed some of the main reasons why New Jersey residents might have their applications for SSD benefits quickly denied, seemingly without a logical explanation. The post explained that the Social Security Administration generally will not conduct an independent medical exam of a person and generally will not give the applicant a chance to explain how his or her illness or injury affect his or her daily life.

Not surprisingly, should an appeal be necessary, it is of utmost importance that the administrative law judge hearing the case to get a good, clear picture of the person's actual medical diagnosis and, on a practical level, how the debilitating condition affects his or her life.

Presenting an effective case in these respects is not always easy. Not only does a person have to have some familiarity with evidentiary procedure and the basics of court practice, he or she also needs to know how to read, interpret and condense medical records so that he or she can make an understandable and persuasive case to the judge.

Our law office has experience with handling all different types of Social Security applications and have helped many people get the benefits that they both needed and deserved. We can help applications gather and process the evidence that they will likely need in order to win benefits, thereby reducing the work that a disabled person has to do himself or herself in order to win his or her case. Please feel free to check out our website if you would like to hear more about the services we can offer disabled New Jersey residents.

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