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Why do so many claims for disability benefits get denied?

It is fairly well known that applications for Social Security benefits, both in New Jersey and in other parts of the country, often get denied at the first stage of the application. Usually, applicants will need to plan on at least one appeal before they can expect to be awarded SSD benefits.

Repetitive stress injury and disability benefits

Many residents of New Jersey may have heard of conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome or repetitive motion disorder. In fact, these conditions are all examples of repetitive stress injuries. While these conditions carry with them serious symptoms, including pain and the sensation of tingling, they can at times be hard for the average New Jersey resident to appreciate simply because they develop slowly over a period of time.

What types of work-related injuries lead to disability claims?

A recent post on this blog discussed how work-related injuries can leave a New Jersey resident suffering from an inability to work and in need of extra income. Social Security disability benefits help many New Jersey residents who have work-related disabling conditions.

Seeking Social Security assistance for mental illness

Although we are not psychologists or counselors, the legal professionals at our law office understand in many respects what New Jersey residents who are suffering from a mental illness have to endure. Aside from the symptoms themselves, these people also have to deal with the fact that because that a mental illness disability is an invisible disease, the general public may think of them as just lazy or unwilling to make necessary changes in their lives.

What should I send with my application for SSI benefits?

Although the number of application for SSI benefits and SSDI disability benefits, both of which are paid by the federal Social Security Administration and are commonly called "disability," are on the increase, residents of New Jersey and people across the country should be aware that actually getting the government to agree to pay SSDI or SSI benefits is still difficult.

Can my SSD benefits be garnished?

Although a New Jersey resident's Social Security benefits may be essential for an injured or ill person's survival, federal agencies are allowed to take a portion of a person's SSD payments. It is important to remember that private business and banks are not still not allowed to garnish a person's social security benefits.

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