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January 2016 Archives

What's the difference between SSI and SSDI?

As this blog has reported briefly, there are in fact two programs that the Social Security Administration manages, and both of them can properly be thought of as "disability" programs. However, the SSDI program and the SSI program differ in several important respects that may have an impact on Newark, New Jersey, residents.

Helping injured people meet their living expenses

Last week's post discussed a recent case in which a New Jersey resident who was otherwise able and willing to work suddenly found himself injured. This type of story is all-too-common in Newark. While some people who get hurt at work may have the benefit of workers' compensation, any New Jersey resident knows that not everyone gets hurt while on the job.

Injuries at work can lead to need for Social Security benefits

Working in construction zones and working as a police officer both come with potential risks. In fact, according to findings from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, on average police officers are three times more likely than all other occupations to suffer a fatal injury while working. Of these fatal injuries, nearly one third of them take place on the roads. Thankfully, not all injuries are fatal, although some are serious and may lead to lengthy recovery time or debilitating injuries that affect one's ability to work.

Liver cancer claims the life of rock and roll legend, David Bowie

The recent passing of rock and roll icon David Bowie due to liver cancer came as a shock to the world last week. His influence and impact to fans throughout the world was clearly evident in the countless articles and discussions on both social media as well as traditional media outlets. Bowie kept his illness and condition private from everyone except his closest friends and family. Although speculations about his health had been discussed in the recent past, his passing came as a shock to most. So what is liver cancer and how does it affect its victim?

How a lawyer can help you through the SSD process

The process for applying for Social Security Disability benefits program, or SSD, and getting into the program is not necessarily easy. In fact, more than half of applicants are initially rejected. Thankfully, there is an appeals process, including four separate levels, if an applicant has been rejected and wishes to dispute the claim.

Does my pension affect my Social Security Disability benefits?

Social Security Disability Insurance is offered to qualified applicants who can not only prove that they have an existing disability that prevents them from working for at least a year or one that is expected to result in death, but also for those who have paid into the system through an extensive "work credits" series of qualifications. Applicants must also fall under a maximum monthly income of $1,090 for a disability, $1,820 for applicants who are blind. But, are pension covered under these earnings limits? The answer is usually no, but there are exceptions.

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