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August 2015 Archives

What is best: long-term disability or long-term care?-Part II

The previous post on this blog provided an overview of long-term disability insurance and long-term care insurance. While many people in New Jersey may benefit if they have both types of coverage, the fact remains that affording both may be difficult. Therefore, a person planning to buy a long-term insurance policy should consider certain factors before making the decision about which policy to buy.

Which is best long-term disability or long-term care?-Part I

New Jersey residents can become stricken with a long-term disability at any time. However, the chances of being affected by such disabling conditions become greater as people age. It is for that reason that people often choose to buy private insurance policies in order to cover long-term-disabilities and the resulting long-term care that they may need. However, many people are confused about which type of long-term insurance best suits their needs.

You may need help when you claim SSD benefits a back injury

New Jersey residents who have sustained a back or spine injury, or those who have witnessed a loved one suffering from a back or spine injury, would understand how difficult life can become after that injury. For many people, even the most basic day-to-day tasks can turn into a huge challenge, let alone hold down a full-time job. The challenges are greater for those people who are unable to afford the necessary expenses for the long-term care that victims of spine or back injuries require.

Parkinson's disease patients can apply for SSD benefits

There may come a time when a person is affected by a disease that makes usual life very difficult. In addition to making everyday life a challenge, those diseases can make it very difficult for the patient to hold a job. In a situation such as this, not only do those patients experience physical and emotional anguish, but they may also have to deal with financial hardships. An example of such a disease is Parkinson's disease.

What are the rights of an SSI benefits applicant?

Many people in Newark, New Jersey, and in the rest of the United States, face financial challenges daily. Often, the reason behind those challenges is a disabling medical condition, blindness or advanced age, which prevents those people from working. According to the guidelines established by the Social Security Administration, those people may be eligible for Supplemental Security Income, which is a federal program that offers monthly cash benefits to those who qualify.

Early-onset Alzheimer's can qualify for mental illness benefits

The Alzheimer's Association defines Alzheimer's disease as a kind of dementia that can lead to a patient experiencing difficulties with memory, thinking and behavior. It is a mental illness that gets progressively worse over time and it becomes slowly and steadily more difficult for the patient to perform basic day-to-day activities. Many New Jersey residents may also be aware that there is no existing cure for Alzheimer's disease. However, numerous symptoms of the disease are known and researchers are constantly trying to find a cure.

SSD benefits available for many back and spinal cord disorders

Some diseases can significantly affect a person's ability to perform the most mundane, day-to-day activities. While some of these diseases cause only temporary disabilities from which the patient fully recovers after a period of time, certain diseases are progressive in nature, meaning the patient's medical condition steadily deteriorates over time as a result of the disease.

Social Security disability benefits may cover birth injuries

A sad but true reality is that many children born in New Jersey are injured at the time of their birth. The reasons for those injuries are varied and parents may seek recourse accordingly. However, despite any or all recourse, children injured at birth often face various challenges for the rest of their lives. Fortunately, the Social Security Administration acknowledges the gravity of birth injuries and offers benefits to children who pass the eligibility criteria.

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