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May 2015 Archives

Reporting income when you are a SSI benefits recipient -- Part II

The previous post on this blog discussed the basics of wage reporting in matters related to Supplemental Security Income, of which many people in New Jersey are recipients. The purpose of wage reporting is to keep the Social Security Administration's SSI program transparent. The wage reporting system helps the SSA to determine adequate benefits for the needy.

Income-reporting for SSI benefits recipients -- Part I

Many New Jersey residents receive Supplemental Security Income, a federal assistance program run by the Social Security Administration. SSI is intended to help individuals who have extremely limited financial resources because of disabilities, age or blindness. Recipients are required to report earned income regularly to the SSA so that the payment program can adjust to both increases and decreases in recipients' income.

Some SSD benefits claims for disability need special examination

When a person files for Social Security disability benefits, the Social Security Administration generally asks for medical reports, which support the applicant's claim of a disability. However, in certain cases, the SSA may ask for additional medical examinations before it approves a claim. The examinations are conducted by New Jersey's Disability Determination Services and the agency pays for the tests as well as certain expenses that are associated with such tests.

SSDI benefits for disabling injuries often require legal help

The majority of Americans, including those in New Jersey, work most of their adult lives and come to depend on their income to satisfy their requirements for daily life. When a person loses a job, however, the person's world can come crashing down. The problem can be even worse if the job loss is the result of a disabling injury. Many disabled New Jersey workers can receive workers' compensation under state laws, but some need more help, especially if the disability becomes permanent and keeps the worker out of the workforce for good.

The Supplemental Security Income PASS provision -- Part II

The previous post on our blog covered the basic details pertaining to the Plan to Achieve Self-Support provision of Supplemental Security Income. Many people may be aware that the PASS provision is meant for those people who intend to return to work despite their disabilities. The Social Security Administration acknowledges those efforts to return to work and offers relief.

The Supplemental Security Income PASS provision -- Part I

There are many people in the United States who are disabled and who receive Supplemental Security Income. Those people may be aware that the Social Security Administration has special provisions for qualifying people who work despite their disabilities. The provision is known as Plan to Achieve Self-Support, or PASS.

Analyzing the possible merger of SSDI and OASI -- Part II

Many Newark, New Jersey, residents may be aware that there have been proposals from various quarters to merge the Social Security Disability Insurance Trust Fund and the Old-Age and Survivors Insurance Trust Fund. That is because the SSDI trust is experiencing financial difficulty and experts believe that the funds will be gone by 2016 unless something is done by authorities immediately.

Analyzing the possible merger of SSDI and OASI -- Part I

Many people in Newark, New Jersey, and in the rest of the United States are aware that both the Social Security Disability Insurance Trust Fund and the Old-Age and Survivors Insurance Trust fund are having financial difficulties. According to recent news reports, the SSDI trust fund may run out of funds by 2016. The OASI Trust Fund, on the other hand, is in slightly better shape, but even so, it may have no more funds by 2033.

A simple SSI benefits claim can suddenly become complicated

Abromson & Carey, Attorneys at Law, have handled many cases for Newark, New Jersey, residents relating to obtaining Supplemental Security Income for disabled, blind, elderly adults and in some cases, minor children from low-income families who need state assistance to live. Supplemental Security Income is a federal welfare program that provides assistance to those who cannot earn enough to support themselves.

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