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What every New Jersey worker should know about Social Security

Almost every American worker since the 1930s has been able to participate in the federal Social Security program that provides benefits for workers once they retire or if they are disabled. In addition, some survivors of deceased workers have been able to receive these benefits. Despite this long history, some New Jersey residents apparently do not know what they are entitled to and how to secure those benefits if they need them. This includes workers who have paid into the system and those who are disabled and have never been able to participate or who can no longer contribute.

Young workers in the prime of their work lives typically think of themselves as invincible or unlikely to ever suffer a debilitating illness or career-ending injury. For them, Social Security Disability Insurance benefits are simply not something they think much about. Fortunately, they also are covered, just like older workers who may be all too aware that their retirement years are coming. In fact, according to the Social Security Administration, nearly 95 percent of all workers in the United States are eligible to receive SSDI benefits if they are disabled or suffer injuries that would make employment difficult, if not impossible.

Being eligible for disability benefits and receiving them, however, are two different things. In many cases, those who are disabled, or their families, face real difficulties navigating the application process and thus turn to professional help. This can be especially important if the applicant has a denied claim. A large percentage of denied applications can be successfully appealed, but legal assistance is often the difference.

SSDI benefits not only go to workers with disabling injuries but also to their children and spouses. In fact, the SSA reports that many SSDI claimants are children or the spouses of workers who died in fatal workplace accidents.

Source: Fool.com, "10 facts about Social Security every American should know," Accessed on April 9, 2015

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