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Newark attorneys for SSD benefits for mental conditions

Many Newark, New Jersey, residents suffer from mental disorders. Many of those suffering may be unable to seek gainful employment due to their mental conditions. For decades, the attorneys at Abromson & Carey have helped many obtain Social Security disability benefits for mental conditions.

Disabilities due to mental conditions have been on the rise in New Jersey. The National Institute of Mental Health has even deduced that the leading cause of disability amongst Americans is mental illness and similar disorders. Such mental conditions may include anxiety, depression or even schizophrenia. It has also been observed by authorities that almost one in four adult Americans suffer from some form of mental illness. Thus, Social Security disability benefits for mental conditions is crucial for many people throughout the country.

Having experienced attorneys specializing in Social Security disability benefits may be beneficial for those people who are seeking benefits. The attorneys at Abromson & Carey may be able to expedite the processing of an individual's claims.

Typically, a Social Security disability benefits claimant needs to provide medical documents in order to prove his or her mental disorder. In some cases, the medical testimony as well as eyewitness testimony may be able to prove how the Social Security disability benefits claimant is so disabled due to the mental condition that he or she cannot seek gainful employment. The authorities look into each case individually to gauge the severity of the mental condition. In addition, they look to verify the extent of the person's disability and how it hinders that person from seeking gainful employment or continuing in his or her existing work.

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