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April 2015 Archives

New Jersey governor suggests changes to Social Security

Social Security and its survival is often the topic of many debates between New Jersey's governor and its residents. Many believe that Social Security benefits, including disability benefits, should be provided to everyone who needs them. Workers who can no longer hold gainful employment due to an injury believe that Social Security Disability benefits are a well-earned entitlement. However, the state's governor has a different opinion.

How does the "Work First New Jersey Program" benefit people?

Financial security is not only a desire for most New Jersey residents but also serves the best interest of the entire state. There are, however, several low-income families with family members who are partially or totally disabled physically and in other ways. Such disabilities may not allow the disabled or the elderly to continue with their previous employment. Some disabled, low-income residents may, however, be able to seek some sort of employment.

New Jersey Care payments possible for the very poor

Millions of low-income Americans, including some in New Jersey, may qualify for Supplemental Security Income if they are elderly, disabled, blind and have little or no income. In some cases of extreme poverty, New Jersey state authorities can supplement a recipient's Social Security Disability Insurance benefits or with Medicaid, especially to low-income families with disabilities, to help them survive financial crises.

Injured vets eligible for Social Security disability benefits

Those who serve in the military make many sacrifices on behalf of their country. Whether they are on active duty or members of reserve or National Guard units, their schedules are dictated by their service responsibilities. Ever since the late 1950s, those who are actively deployed have been covered by Social Security and have been eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits and can apply for them in case of service-related injury and disabilities. Those service personnel who served before 1957 were granted special credits.

What every New Jersey worker should know about Social Security

Almost every American worker since the 1930s has been able to participate in the federal Social Security program that provides benefits for workers once they retire or if they are disabled. In addition, some survivors of deceased workers have been able to receive these benefits. Despite this long history, some New Jersey residents apparently do not know what they are entitled to and how to secure those benefits if they need them. This includes workers who have paid into the system and those who are disabled and have never been able to participate or who can no longer contribute.

Role of organizations in Supplemental Security Income

Under federal law, Supplemental Security Income, or SSI, may be given to the disabled or elderly in an effort to aid in paying medical expenses. Currently, around eight million people have received SSI benefits. However, many who may be eligible for Supplemental Security Income never apply for it.

Newark attorneys for SSD benefits for mental conditions

Many Newark, New Jersey, residents suffer from mental disorders. Many of those suffering may be unable to seek gainful employment due to their mental conditions. For decades, the attorneys at Abromson & Carey have helped many obtain Social Security disability benefits for mental conditions.

Can other disability payments affect Social Security benefits?

Whether you are currently receiving Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits or are in the process of applying for SSD, you may have concerns regarding other disability payments you receive. You may wonder how other private and public benefits will affect your eligibility for SSD, as well as the amount of benefits you are awarded. 

Supplemental Security Income after New Jersey incarceration

As general rule, New Jersey Supplemental Security Income may be suspended when a recipient is imprisoned after conviction of any crime for a period of 12 months or more. In such cases, however, it must be noted that Supplemental Security Income may be reinstated once the claimant serves the prison sentence.

Applying for Social Security disability online in New Jersey

If a New Jersey resident suffered an injury that caused a disability that may be either permanent or prolonged, state authorities may approve an application by the injured resident for Social Security disability benefits. In many cases, however, due to a paralyzing disability, it may be impossible for a Social Security disability benefits claimant to come to the requisite departmental offices to process an application.

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