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March 2015 Archives

My SSD claim was denied -- now what?

Learning that your Social Security Disability claim was denied is very disheartening. You may wonder how you will make ends meet without the support from disability benefits. If you are in this situation, it is important to know that a denied claim is not the end of the road.

Mental illnesses may affect anyone in New Jersey

Mental illness plagues many New Jersey residents throughout their lifetimes. In many cases, mental illness may range from anxiety and depression to schizophrenia. Many mentally ill patients are affected so seriously by mental illness that they are unable to hold a job or even get a job. However, there are also many cases in which the disabled person may face a lot of social stigma.

U.S. Senate argues over Social Security numbers for immigrants

Many New Jersey residents suffer from serious injuries and mental and physical illness, which makes it challenging for them to get a job. Government authorities provide Social Security disability benefits for people in that situation. However, lately, it has been discovered that many illegal immigrants who do not qualify for Social Security disability benefits are receiving the benefits, which means that the people who should be receiving those benefits may not be.

GAO says SSI had $5 billion in questionable spending in 2014

Supplemental Security Income provides much needed financial assistance to individuals and families throughout New Jersey. However, because it is a government program, it is subject to regular scrutiny to ensure it is spending funds appropriately.

Are Social Security benefits liable for credit repayment?

For many New Jersey residents who have been rendered disabled due to physical or mental impairment, unemployment is one of their biggest fears. In such cases, Social Security disability benefits can be the savior from financial ruin. However, the question remains whether Social Security disability benefits can be considered income for the purpose of credit repayments.

You may need guidance if you are applying for SSD benefits

Various physical or mental illnesses may leave a New Jersey resident unable to properly function in the workforce. In the event of such a disability, federal programs provide Social Security disability benefits to the sick or injured.

The right legal representation may help obtain SSI in New Jersey

Many New Jersey residents are unable to seek gainful employment due to various disabilities. Such disabilities may be physical disabilities or even psychological and mental disabilities that hamper their ability to work. Supplemental Security Income may be provided to disabled people in order to help them maintain their households.

New Jersey mental illness disability interview

Many New Jersey residents suffer from various forms of mental illness that can range from anxiety, depression or even schizophrenia. Such mental disorders may hinder a person's daily life to the extent that is hampers one's ability to work. In these cases the disabled claimant or even the person's relatives and dependents may seek Social Security disability benefits because of the resident's mental illness.

Can New Jersey children get SSI for brain injuries?

Many children under the age of 18 have suffered acquired traumatic brain injuries in New Jersey. One factor affecting the parents of such children suffering from traumatic brain injuries is funding the medical expenses for long term medical care and rehabilitation. The state may be able to help such parents get supplemental security income for such injuries.

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