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Financial help for New Jersey residents with brain injuries

Residents of Newark, New Jersey, may know from experience that brain injuries can greatly impact the financial future of a patient as well as the future his or her family. In the event a brain injury disables a person to the point of being unable to work at all or for a long period of time, financial issues can further complicate matters.

Thankfully, financial assistance is available after a brain injury. Various programs from the government as well as social organizations can help an injured person get going financially in the event that a mental illness develops as a result of a brain injury and renders the injured person unable to work for a year or more.

Among those programs are federal government programs -- Supplemental Security Income or SSI and Social Security Disability benefits, or SSD benefits -- various state government programs, local government programs and programs from non-profit organizations and foundations. In addition to those programs, religious organizations, community groups and even local fundraising events can help persons fighting mental disability.

Under the federal SSI scheme, a person with disabilities with little or no income can seek funds to help pay for food, clothing and a place to live. Eligibility for some of these programs can be checked online and it is advisable to seek an appointment with the Social Security Administration to file for disability benefits.

In addition to these programs, many state and local governments also offer financial assistance to persons with disabilities. Eligibility criteria for these programs vary from state to state and have different names in each state. Strict eligibility requirements must be met to receive benefits under these programs and not everyone may be eligible. The services of a professional may be beneficial if a request has been refused.

Source: BIUSA.org, "Is there financial assistance for people with brain injury and their families?" Accessed Feb. 6, 2015

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