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August 2014 Archives

The real reasons SSDI enrollment has increased in recent decades

When Social Security Disability Insurance gets discussed in the news these days, you almost never hear a report that doesn’t include the words “fraud” and “running out of money.” The narrative usually goes like this: The SSDI program is overrun with fraudulent claims. Because of this, the disability trust fund is going to run out by 2016.

New 'Accessible Icon' promotes a more active view of disability

Our posts last week focused on disability as it is presented in different aspects of American culture. Internet memes may seem like harmless fun, but they can really cast the disabled community in a negative light.

Challenging jokes & stereotypes misdefining disability: Part II

In our last post, we began a discussion about internet “memes” that many find to be disparaging of the disability community. The issue was recently discussed in a Slate magazine article written by a man named Scott Jordan Harris.

Challenging jokes & stereotypes misdefining disability: Part I

For all the progress we have made as a society, many Americans still fundamentally misunderstand the disability community and disability itself. This is evident in many ways, including how disability is portrayed online in internet “memes.”

Understanding work requirements when applying for SSDI

We have previously written that in order to qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance, you must have a sufficient work history in addition to having a disabling injury, illness or medical condition. While the disability standards are fairly well understood, the work-related standards are generally more complicated.

The disability review process and timeline for SSDI recipients

Qualifying and getting approved for Social Security Disability Benefits can be an uphill battle. Most claims are denied the first time that they are submitted. Although the chances of success often improve with each subsequent appeal, persistence is no guarantee of success.

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