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June 2014 Archives

Cutting through the politics to keep the SSDI trust fund healthy

What does the future hold for the Social Security Disability Insurance program? Will its trust fund be replenished in the next couple years or will reserves run out in 2016 as predicted? If the reserves do run out, what happens to the millions of Americans depending on their Social Security Disability benefits?

How we talk about disability can influence our thinking

In one of our posts last week, we wrote about Helen Keller’s advocacy for those living with disabilities. If Ms. Keller were alive today, she would likely be proud of how far America has come in its recognition of disability rights and the public accommodations now offered to allow more access and freedom for everyone regardless of physical ability.

Remembering Helen Keller's advocacy for those with disabilities

We all love stories about overcoming adversity. We not only cheer for the underdog, we are inspired by what he or she was able to accomplish with hard work and determination. Later this month, America will celebrate the life of one of these inspirational underdogs: Helen Keller.

How does SSDI stack up to private insurance in customer service?

Insurance companies have always had a pretty bad reputation among Americans. A common complaint is that we pay our premiums each month only to have our claims denied when we need help. In the opinion of many Americans, private insurance is a scam.

Defending judges against allegations of rubber-stamping SSD claims

We have previously written that being approved for Social Security Disability benefits is often a long and arduous battle. And after all appeals have been exhausted, many deserving individuals are turned away. Last year, administrative law judges approved only about 56 percent of cases that went before them.

New smartphone apps helping patients manage disability symptoms

The most misunderstood and stigmatized disorders are often the ones that are also invisible. Physical injuries and disabilities are easy to notice and easy for most people to sympathize with. Sadly, this is typically not the case with mental conditions such as schizophrenia, depression and bipolar disorder.

Drawing the right conclusions from SSD data: Part II

In yesterday’s post we began a critique of the conclusions drawn in a recent report about Social Security Disability Insurance statistics. The report was released by a group called the National Center for Policy Analysis and authored by one of the group’s senior fellows, a woman named Pamela Villarreal.

Drawing the right conclusions from SSD data: Part I

The American author Samuel Clemens (a.k.a. Mark Twain) is often credited with saying: “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.” Statistics can be very useful and persuasive, but they are also very easy to misinterpret and manipulate.

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