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March 2014 Archives

Study looks at possible risks associated with diabetes

Depression is not something that should be taken lightly. Nor, should having diabetes, as both of these conditions -- depression and diabetes -- can be disabling independently and together. 

Proposed changes to SSD need to be made in spirit of FDR's vision

Earlier this month, we wrote about a change proposed by the Social Security Administration that could make the approval process for Social Security disability more difficult. Pressured by lawmakers, the SSA has proposed a rule that requires anyone applying for SSD benefits to disclose “all relevant medical information,” including information that could actually reduce their chances of approval.

Critics blast proposed SSD changes in President's 2015 budget

Like all presidents that have come before him, President Obama has faced significant criticism from both ends of the political spectrum. But one of his most recent decisions, buried in the 2015 budget proposal, threatens Americans who largely stay out of the limelight and don’t always have the political representation they need: Those collecting disability benefits.

Applying for SSD benefits: Don't judge by the experiences of others

As we have previously written, few Americans take the time to research a subject like Social Security disability unless they feel they might need to avail themselves of it. Therefore, chances are good that at least part of what you know about Social Security disability was learned from an anecdote told by someone close to you.

SSD applicants: Process may soon come with even more red tape

The application and appeals process for Social Security disability benefits can be lengthy and complex. An experienced attorney makes the process much easier and can often achieve a better outcome than applicants may get on their own, but there is only so much that can be done to improve efficiency from outside the “system.”

Study: antibody could be an MS indicator

The severity and consistency of multiple sclerosis symptoms can vary from person to person. Thus, some MS sufferers are able to continue working, while others are not. This variability can give rise to some difficulties when it comes to seeking Social Security Disability benefits for MS. Thus, MS sufferers who are applying for such benefits in relation to the disease should consider seeking out the help and advice of a disability attorney who understands the specific criteria that the Social Security Administration looks at when it comes to disability claims for MS.

SSA seeks criminal background checks for 'representative payees'

Some of our posts of late have focused on the public perception of fraud within the Social Security disability program. Generally speaking, instances of SSD fraud are much rarer than they may seem based on news reports.

Study looks at common misconception about SSD applicants

We have previously written that despite a recent, high-profile criminal case, instances of Social Security disability fraud are actually quite rare. Unfortunately, any allegations of fraud may ultimately make it harder for Americans with legitimate disabilities to get their SSD applications approved.

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