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August 2013 Archives

Research focuses on extra chromosome of those with Down syndrome

While there is certainly a push in the medical community to help treat some of the medical conditions that come with having Down syndrome, parents, ethicists and advocates are also quick to say the goal should not be to "cure" the genetic disorder.

Social stigma of mental illness far from reality

It seems only right for a CBS News report on the social stigma attached to mental illnesses to include commentary by the director of the Mental Health Peer Connection. In this news report she talked about how the organization she works for is helping to keep people out of the hospital and in the community. 

Administration focuses on disability claims backlog for veterans

The White House administration has been making steady progress in reducing the number of backlog disability claims among veterans. According to an Associated Press report, while in March there were 611,000 claims pending for 125 days or more in the backlog, this number has been reduced to 500,000 pending claims in the backlog.

Crohn's disease a qualifying condition for SSI

Those living with Crohn's disease in New Jersey know just how debilitating the inflammatory bowel disease can be. For some, the disease may be in remission right now, while for others the pain is almost unbearable. However, with approximately 700,000 Americans in the U.S. living with the disease, it may help to know that no one is alone and there may be ways to go about receiving supplemental income.

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