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November 2012 Archives

National Diabetes Awareness month recognized in New Jersey

Across New Jersey, October was filled with everything pink imaginable in support of breast cancer awareness month. November is National Diabetes Month; however, since it was only proclaimed as such last year, there is less awareness than there is with October as National Breast Awareness Cancer Month.

Chronic pain: Most common cause of long-term disability

There are all kinds of disabling conditions that afflict residents of New Jersey, rendering individuals unable to work and thereby necessitating the collection of benefits that will assist in providing for the sufferer's long-term care. According to the National Institute of Health, while uncontrolled diabetes and cancer are significant sources of affliction, chronic pain is the most common cause of long-term disability.

What options are available to a disabled individual in New Jersey?

For individuals struggling with a debilitating condition or illness in New Jersey that prevents the individual from working, every day can be a struggle with seemingly-insurmountable challenges. Beyond trying to cope with the illness or condition, individuals work to figure out how they will provide for themselves and their long-term care. Some residents in New Jersey will be provided for through an ERISA group benefit, others can be covered through Social Security Disability benefits.

Sandy delays benefits for some New Jersey disability recipients

Many residents across New Jersey are still reeling in the aftermath of Sandy. While individuals are regaining power and running water, and working to return to a normal life, there are always details that crop up that many had not anticipated being a problem. One of these details that many did not think they would need to worry about was receiving their Social Security Disability benefits check in a timely manner.

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