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Ensuring individuals get the SSD benefits they need

Last week's post discussed the influx of individual's applying for Social Security Disability benefits. For individual's suffering from a serious condition or illness that prevents them from being able to work, such benefits are necessary for survival. Likely due to the aging population of baby boomers, as discussed last week, there is a large backlog of disability claims.

Presently, across the nation, including in New Jersey, 11 million individuals receive disability benefits, averaging under $1,000 a month for each recipient. This population has increased over 20 percent in the last five years.

According to a recent report, it appears that some officials are awarding individuals benefits in the absence of the individual meeting the proper criteria or providing adequate evidence. However, of larger concern than officials hastily awarding benefits is the thought of them making too-quick a decision to deny an individual benefits when they really need the assistance.

According to one senator, "The administrative law judges are not looking at the cases because the pressure from Social Security is to get the cases out. I think you could flip a coin for anybody that came before the Social Security commission for disability and get it right just as often as the [judges] do."

With that in mind, it may be critical now more than ever before to retain experienced legal counsel when seeking to apply for benefits from Social Security. Having someone to assist a filing individual through the whole process, including an appeal if necessary, can aid an individual in receiving the benefits they need and deserve.

Source: The Washington Post, "Congressional report: social Security backlog may add to agency financial woes," Stephen Ohlemacher, Sept. 14, 2012

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