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SSI recipients to see a rise in benefits in 2018

Disabled individuals in Newark and nationwide often rely on Supplemental Security Income (SSI) to make ends meet financially, especially if they cannot work. Of course, with time comes the ever-rising costs of food, clothing, shelter and all of life's basic necessities. It is important that those receiving SSI are able to keep up with the cost of living.

Therefore, SSI recipients may be pleased to hear that the amount of benefits they receive is about to go up. The Social Security Administration reports that in 2018, recipients will see a 2 percent uptick in the amount of benefits they receive. This is the greatest yearly increase since 2012, when recipients received a 3.6 percent increase in benefits.

The challenging world of long-term care insurance

Without question, you are feeling the strain of your present situation. Caring for an aging parent is stressful and difficult, and you may see other areas of your life suffering as you devote your time and energy to keeping your parent safe and well. Nevertheless, you may be happy to make the sacrifice because, if you're honest with yourself, you realize you may not have much more time together.

If your loved one had the foresight to purchase long-term care insurance, you are probably grateful, especially if your parent has a debilitating disease and you know you will not have the skills to continue caring for him or her. While the policy may give you some comfort, how much do you know about its limitations and provisions? When your parent needs the benefits of the policy, that is not the time to realize there is inadequate coverage.

How is 'disability' defined for SSD purposes?

New Jersey residents are hard workers who do what it takes to get the job done. However, sometimes a person is struck with an illness or injury through no fault of their own that keeps them from working. Sometimes a worker is able to overcome this setback to their health, and can return to the workforce. However, other times a worker's disability prevents them from ever being able to perform any occupation. When this occurs, the worker may want to pursue Social Security disability benefits.

Disability is something a sizeable number of people will experience. A worker who is age 20 has a 25 percent chance of experiencing an illness or injury that leads to a disability before he or she reaches the age of retirement. Therefore, it can help to have an understanding of how a person qualifies for disability benefits.

Will a child lose their SSI benefits if they get a job?

Parents of children with disabilities may face many challenges. Of course, caring for a disabled child is an involved process. These children often need a substantial amount of medical care, therapy and specialized equipment. In the end, caring for a disabled child can be very expensive, and oftentimes parents of disabled children in Newark may struggle to make ends meet. However, children who meet the relevant legal requirements may qualify for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits.

SSI benefits can be essential to raising a disabled child. Some children, once they are old enough, might want to work, just like a non-disabled child would. The child and his or her parents may wonder, though, whether the child's SSI benefits will be cut off if the child gets a job.

Diabetes complications can keep you from earning a living

It seems that an epidemic of type 2 diabetes affects millions of people across the country, including many people here in New Jersey. If you are among those individuals, you may also suffer from serious complications. Those complications can affect your ability to function in your day-to-day life, including your ability to work.

Prostate cancer screening can save lives, research says

Cancer is a serious disease, but in general the earlier it is caught, the better a person's prognosis will be. When it comes to prostate cancer, however, there has been much confusion about screening, as guidelines and recommendations on this topic have gone back and forth from one thing to another. However, according to data found in the Annals of Internal Medicine, prostate cancer screening does save lives, leading to a 32 percent downturn in fatalities due to the disease when compared to those who do not go through prostate cancer screening.

Going back as far as the 1980s, it was recommended that men get a yearly blood test to determine if they carry prostate specific antigens (PSA). However, because prostate cancer tumors do not grow very quickly, it is often the case that even if a person has prostate cancer, he or she will ultimately die due to a different cause entirely. Therefore, as of 2012, at least one task force has determined that men between the ages of 55 to 69 need not get PSA testing unless they are a high-risk individual or there is a family history of prostate cancer.

Awards of SSD benefits expedited through agency programs

Newark residents who have a disabling medical condition and are seeking Social Security disability benefits may be concerned about how long it will take for their application to be processed. Therefore, they may be interested to hear that the Social Security Administration has recently announced that it has added three more conditions that will be included on the agency's Compassionate Allowances program: Kleefstra Syndrome, Cogenital Myotonic Dystrophy and CACH-Vanishing White Matter Disease-Infantile and Childhood Onset Forms. Those who have one of these conditions will now be able to have their applications for SSD benefits expedited through the Compassionate Allowances program.

The Compassionate Allowance program allows for the expedition of SSD benefits for those who have a serious disease that is almost certain to meet the SSA's standards for approving SSD benefits. There is a list of 228 medical conditions that are included in the Compassionate Allowance program. Oftentimes, an applicant whose condition falls under the Compassionate Allowance program will find their application approved based on the medical diagnosis itself. As of right now, nearly 500,000 individuals have had their application for SSD benefits approved through the Compassionate Allowances program.

Don't leave out the details when applying for SSD benefits

Sometimes living with a disability is more than just a constant stream of doctor's appointments and health issues. Sometimes a disability interferes with a person's life so greatly, that the person finds they must stop working. This can be a very difficult decision to make, as many people in Newark feel like their job is part of their identity. Even more so, their job is usually their primary source of income. They may wonder how they'll afford their daily expenses, much less their medical expenses, if they cannot work.

This is where Social Security disability benefits come into play. These government benefits are meant to provide those with a disability with a financial safety net should they be unable to work. However, applying for SSD benefits is not always easy. It is important to that your initial application is as complete as possible.

What are some complications of a brain injury?

Newark residents may think that brain injuries are relatively straight forward, affecting everyone the same. However, brain injuries can be incredibly complicated. The after effects of the injury vary, depending on what part of the brain was involved. These effects can be permanent. Take, for example, the complications that could occur based on what side of the brain was injured.

If the left side of the brain is injured, it can lead to a number of complications. For example, it could make it difficult for the person to understand or express language. It could lead to mental issues such as depression or anxiety. It could also cause verbal memory deficits. A person's logic could be impaired, and they may have problems with sequencing. Finally, it could make it difficult to move the right side of one's body.

2 tips SSD applicants

Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits can provide financial support for those who are injured and unable to work. Applicants that can qualify for these benefits are wise to have a basic understanding of the SSD program before moving forward with an application. Two specific tips that prove useful when going through this process include:

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