Private Long-Term Disability Claims

New Jersey Private Disability Claims Lawyer

When you need help dealing with the affects of a disability, you should be able to count on your long-term disability insurance company. Many times the insurance that you purchased becomes difficult to obtain. At Abromson & Carey in Newark, New Jersey, we represent people in private disability insurance disputes throughout the state. If you purchased private disability insurance that has been denied, contact us for a free initial consultation.

Unlike ERISA protected insurance policies that were purchased from employers, private disability insurance policies are purchased individually. This actually makes challenging long-term disability denials or terminations less difficult. The burden of proof is less stringent in these types of cases. Depositions and discovery are allowed.

Private disability insurance is insurance that replaces all or a portion of your income that you are unable to earn because of a disability. You pay for these policies, but they carry with them significant benefits. The problem with these types of benefits is that insurance companies often deny them. Our firm has handled the insurance disputes for countless people throughout New Jersey by:

  • Appealing disputes directly to insurance companies
  • Petitioning the cases to federal or state courts

If a private disability insurance claim has been denied, it is important to have an attorney who can resolve disputes promptly. We will fight to get you the benefits that you deserve. If your private disability insurance claim has been denied or terminated, contact Abromson & Carey to schedule a free initial consultation with our disability claim attorneys.