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Long-Term Disability Insurance: ERISA And Private Policy Claims

At the Newark, New Jersey, law firm of Abromson & Carey, we advocate for clients who have been wrongfully denied their rightful benefits under a long-term disability policy. Whether you are insured under a group policy through your employer or a privately purchased policy, you need to know that a claim denied by the insurance company may not be the final word.

Our skilled disability lawyer will not only educate you on the policy you have, but help you aggressively fight against wrongful denials. If your claim has been denied or shortchanged, or if the insurer is seeking to terminate your long-term disability benefits, contact us today to explore your rights.

Northern New Jersey Long-Term Disability Insurance Lawyer

Newark attorney Glenn Carey has practiced in disability law since 1985. He has successfully resolved and litigated many hundreds of claims for long-term disability at all stages of the process, including:

Group Long-Term Disability Governed By ERISA

Group long-term disability insurance is offered through an employer. Typically, the employer fully or partially subsidizes the premiums for these long-term disability policies. The Early Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) was designed to govern these types of group benefit plans. ERISA will regulate all procedures and litigation related to those policies. Glenn Carey handles all aspects of ERISA disability claims, and is knowledgeable about medical evidence of disabling conditions and other documentation required in overturning denials.

When You Purchase A Private Long-Term Disability Insurance Policy

Many of our clients choose private long-term disability insurance plans to protect themselves if they are unable to work in the future. Instead of securing benefits through an employer, they visit an insurance broker and sign up for their own benefits. While not governed by ERISA, insurance companies must still adhere to the rights and obligations stated in the policy they sold an individual.

Experience Coupled With An Aggressive Approach

Regardless of how you secured your long-term disability insurance policy, we have the experience to help you if you encounter any resistance or adverse tactics from your insurance company. At Abromson & Carey, we can communicate the benefits you are entitled to and secure the evidence and documentation needed for a viable claim.

From there, we can file for benefits and appeal any denied or terminated claims. Insurance companies who engage in contract breaches or bad faith will be dealt with aggressively.

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If your private or group long-term disability insurance claim has been denied or terminated, contact Abromson & Carey to schedule a free initial consultation with a disability claims lawyer.

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